Sunday, November 29, 2009

If You Give a Mouse Some Milk

Happy December, Readers!

Two weeks ago, my fifth-graders finished their read aloud projects. The goal? To practice a favorite picture book out loud until they knew it forward, backward, and upside down. Then, present it to their classmates in their best reader voice with props and questions for the audience--all the things the teacher normally gets to do.

The books of Laura Numeroff, author of such favorites as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Moose a Muffin, of course received several instances of airtime. A student of mine became so inspired, he put together an homage of his own. I should note that this student works with this family on an active dairy farm each day, so you'll clearly see the tie in. With mice in mind as we approach the release of Mice Don't Taste Like Chicken, enjoy this cute tale (or tail?) from a fifth-grade author we'll call A.W.

If You Give A Mouse Some Milk

by A.W.

If you give a mouse some milk,

he will want to know how it was made.

When you tell him that it was made by cows,

he will want to go see some.

When you ask your mom to drive you,

he will want to grab his note pad to take notes.

When you get to the farm,

the farmer will take him to see the cows.

On the way to the cows he will see the chickens

and want to go feed them.

When he is done feeding the chickens,

he will see the barn and run in.

When he sees the cows,

he will want to make his own clay cow.

When he is done making the clay cow,

he will see a sink in the barn.

When he sees the sink,

he will want a drink of milk.

And chances are, when he asks for a drink of milk,

he will want to go to a different farm and see a different cow.


"Live, Learn, Teach"

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