Sunday, June 28, 2009 Needs You!

On Wednesday I received the first draft of the Mice Don't Taste Like Chicken homepage.  My talented web designer, Whitney Childers of Glee Media, created a template crawling with animals, activities, and information.  I'm certain you'll be as excited as I am when the site goes live in August.

For now, needs your help.  This website is meant to be an experience for readers that will draw them back again and again.  The "Games and Activities" link will be your opportunity to interact with the characters and print off resources associated with the book.  The "Mr. Cross' Critters" link will allow you to research and learn more about the exotic creatures housed in Drew Harrington's classroom.  There will be sample chapters to read, a commercial of the book to watch, and much, much more.

What I'd like to know from you is, what do you want to see?  What would make you come back time and again?  

This question isn't just for young readers.  Teachers...what content will make it easiest for you to use this book with your students?

Parents...what would help you share the experience of this book with your child?

Your feedback and opinions are important to me!  Let's begin our conversation right here. Leave a response to this blog with your thoughts.  

Thanks for helping me make a website we can all be proud of!

"Live, Learn, Teach"

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