Saturday, December 12, 2009

IndeDebut 2010

*Many thanks to author Lori Calabrese for creation of this article for IndeDebut 2010. Visit her website at

Chances are you’ve heard of the Class of 2k10 and its predecessors. The Class of 2K was founded by Greg Fishbone in 2007 under the principal that authors can band together to make the publication journey a pleasant one. However, if you’re an author whose publisher is not listed in Children’s Writers & Illustrators Market, you’re not eligible for online marketing groups like Class of 2K10 or Authors Now! Hence, Amy Allgeyer Cook came up with the wonderful idea of Inde-Debut 2010.

Inde-Debut 2010 is a group of first-time authors who’ve joined together to spread the word about their books that hail from small presses and I’m proud to call myself a member. At a time when the book world continues to struggle economically, like other businesses, there are many small publishers redefining the business and allowing great stories to be shared.

Business Week reports, “Without the marketing muscle or resources of the large houses, small publishers have innovated in order to succesfully bring their authors to market. For one, they have created alliances with like-minded independent bookstores with fiercely loyal customers. Small houses also defray costs by publishing their book catalogs online and publicizing new releases and author events through e-mail blasts and blogs.”

The odds of getting published by a “major” publishing house are dwindling because of a failing economy. However, the odds of attracting a small publisher are improving. Inde-Debut 2010 is aware that not all small presses are created equal, which is why they caution authors to do their homework and sift through publishers to find the one right for them.

Inde-Debut 2010 books are being published by a spectrum of Small Presses across America and range from Picture Books to Middle Grade to Young Adult. Inde-Debut 2010 is proud to support these small presses that are championing new voices, focusing on niche markets, creating whole businesses by reissuing out-of-print classics, and maintaining the tradition of printing literary fiction.

Please visit Inde-Debut 2010 online at the official Inde-Debut 2010 website and join them at Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. It's been great having you on the same path this year. :) Hope we both have a happy, healthy, prosperous Debut Year!

  2. Scott,

    I feel fortunate to be a part of Inde-Debut 2010 with you! Look forward to sharing our publication journey!

    All the best,


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