Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meet Cross' Critters: Part VI: Wartz


Toads and frogs may seem alike, but don't tell Wartz that. Wartz prides himself on his toady features. Unlike the bulgy-eyed, long hind-footed, and slimy skinned frog who resorts to "childish hopping" (his words), Wartz has a powerfully stout body, dry skin, and paratoid (poison) glands behind his eyes. He walks instead of hops and sports his warts as proud pock marks like tattoos.

Here are some of Wartz's favorite anti-frog jokes:

Q: What's green, green, green, green?

A: A frog I pushed down a hill.

Q: What do you call a frog with no legs?

A: It doesn't matter. He won't come anyway.


A: Unhoppy!

Q: Do you know why the heron couldn't talk?

A: It had a frog in its throat.

Q: What happens when a frog parks illegally?

A: It gets toad.

Wartz overall has a bad atti-"toad." Let's hope he finds a friend soon.

Wartz (TOAD)
I’m a lonely (croak, croak). A lonely toad (croak, croak).
Could use a friend (croak, croak). In my abode (croak, croak).

"Live, Learn, Teach

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