Monday, July 12, 2010

MDTLC on Hold


I have some sad and disappointing news to report. Mice Don’t Taste Like Chicken, originally slated for release in August 2010, will not see release as planned. I’ll bite my tongue about the why and simply tell you that I now have the rights to the manuscript again and will begin shopping it around with agents. And, while Drew might go King Kong over something like this, I must pick up my head and commit myself. Mice Don’t Taste Like Chicken deserves a home in the hands of readers, and I’m set on making that happen.

I appreciate all the support everyone has given Drew, Jackson, and the rest of the crew to this point. Please continue to follow the MDTLC blog for details on the new search.

“Live, Learn, Teach”


  1. You're absolutely right, Scott. It deserves a home with readers who love it, and I have no doubt that will happen. :) Soldier on -- I'm with you!

  2. Sorry to hear that Scott. My daughter asks when the mice book will be ready at least once a week.

  3. I'm saddened and, quite frankly, shocked to hear this. You know how much I love this book! A story about Jordan Sonnenblick: his first publisher [closed up shop? dropped him?] and he was picked up by Scholastic and the rest is history! Rooting for you Scott, as always.

  4. good luck in your future plans Scott!


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